Sneha-Prasanna Divorce? What truth does this photo tell?

One of the star couples of the Tamil screen world, Sneha and Prasanna, are rumored to be separating and getting a divorce, and the rumor is said to have been put to rest with just one photo.

Sneha, who has been a leading actress in the Tamil film industry for the past 2000 years, married actor Prasanna in 2012. It is noteworthy that this couple has two children.

It is known that both Sneha and Prasanna regularly post happy pictures of themselves with their family on their social networking sites and these pictures go viral on a massive scale.

Rumors have been rife on social media for the past few days that Prasanna and Sneha have been living apart for the past few days and are planning to divorce soon.

To put an end to this rumour, actress Sneha posted a picture of herself with Prasanna on her social media and captioned it as 'Happy Weekend'. This one photo has confirmed all the rumors about Sneha-Prasanna divorce are rumours.